Premium Metal Seated Ball Valves

Reliability - Engineered and designed using computer optimization, delivering long term, reliable, severe service ball valves.

Premium Metal Seated Ball Valves

R-SERIES "its a game changer!" - Innovative in-line repairable severe service ball valve with a 5 year warranty.

Premium Metal Seated Ball Valves

Durability - Our engineers have designed a SERIES of solutions for the toughest applications utilizing our 90+ years of combined experience.

Premium Metal Seated Ball Valves

PerformanceConsistent and repeatable coating and lapping techniques create high performance sealing surfaces. 


We know what it takes...

Customers expect reliability in critical severe service applications. Our field proven designs provide confidence that Remington will perform when expected. Our computer optimization program optimizes all high performance contact areas internal to our valve, keeping contact stresses at optimal levels for reliable service. 

Remington engineers our products with durability in mind. Higher than standards safety factors, building valves with stronger materials than required and coating bearings surfaces are the intangibles that add up to a valve that is quality engineered and manufactured.

Optimization of sealing surfaces is one step in providing a high performance severe service ball valve.  Remington goes even further to ensure repeatable, consistent, zero leak sealing surfaces by robotically application of coating, mechanization of our lapping system and vacuum testing to ensure bubble tight seals.  

To download our VSG - Valve Selection Guide and R-SERIES Brochure please click on the link below.  

Download Valve Selection Guide Download R SEREIS In-Line Repairable Brochure