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Our optimal safety factors, enhanced engineered design and coating of bearing surfaces are the quality factors that set Remington apart from other manufacturers.

Mining Application Valves - M Series from Remington Valve

The R-Series In-Line Repairable Valve provides customers with the positive shutoff required with the advantages of in-line repair-ability; eliminating costly cutting, welding and stress relieving for future preventative maintenance.  

The J-Series Valve offers customer flexibility and durability in a full port or regular port flanged end valve. This Series is designed for heavy-duty service from high-cycle to slurry, corrosive environments to erosive applications.

Series Valve - Remington Valve

The S-Series line is specifically designed for use in power generation  services. We have optimized our flow characteristics to provide higher Cv's with lower torque resulting in an efficient, durable valve for steam.

The C-Series Line is designed to handle the toughest sealing requirements for bi-directional, double block and bleed applications.

The E-Series Pressure Relief Valves provide security and over-pressurization protection in an automated package. This line is designed to provide the safety and security expected in the prevention/reduction of excessive pressure.

In-Line Repairable Valves from Remington Valve in Houston

The M-Series line utilizes the most corrosive resistant materials of constructions for mining applications and provides the durability expected in solids handling.

P-Series Valve Remington Valve

The P-Series Valve offers the same quality and engineering excellence as our metal seated valve, but with a high performance soft seat.

Remington Product Applications


R-Series and J-Series handle applications in Corrosive, Abrasive, Slurry, Extreme Pressure, Catalyst, Chemical and Petrochemical applications. 

Metals & Minerals Mining

M-Series and J-Series handle applications in Mining, Slurry Transport, Autoclave (HPAL) and Heavy Slurry.

Power Generation

 S-Series, R-Series and E-Series handle applications in power generation. In-line repairable, automated relief valve systems, solids, ash-handling block and isolation valves.  


R-Series, J-Series and C-Series handle specific applications from isolation to welded end valves, catalyst handling, J-Series for high alloy customized valves and C-Series for double block and bleed designs.

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