Remington C-Series Valve

The C-Series Line is designed to handle the toughest sealing requirements for bi-directional, double block and bleed applications.


½ – 36 “ (2 OR 3 PIECE)


150-4500 LBS


  • Critical Isolation
  • Double Block & Bleed 
  • Gas Isolation 
  • Pipeline Isolation


The C-Series is better identified as our constant contact seat, or Double Block and Bleed  valve. This valve is designed to seal from both sides in a trunnion design and has the ability to double block, with a bleed port between blocks.

Remington’s C-Series incorporates dual springs upstream and downstream seats, forcing the seats into the ball to create the tight seal in both directions. Both springs located on the side of each seat eliminate solids from entraining themselves behind the seats. O-rings are used on the outer diameter of each seat to allow the pressure of the system to energize the seats into the ball. 

The C-Series Valve features full port or reduced port options, depending on the specific Cv’s required by the user.This product line is optimal in double block and bleed and trunnion applications with temperatures that are 450 degrees Fahrenheit and below.

Remington Product Applications


R-Series and J-Series handle applications in Corrosive, Abrasive, Slurry, Extreme Pressure, Catalyst, Chemical and Petrochemical applications. 

Metals & Minerals Mining

M-Series and J-Series handle applications in Mining, Slurry Transport, Autoclave (HPAL) and Heavy Slurry.

Power Generation

 S-Series, R-Series and E-Series handle applications in power generation. In-line repairable, automated relief valve systems, solids, ash-handling block and isolation valves.  


R-Series, J-Series and C-Series handle specific applications from isolation to welded end valves, catalyst handling, J-Series for high alloy customized valves and C-Series for double block and bleed designs.

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