Remington P-Series Valves

The P-Series Valve offers the same quality and engineering excellence as our metal seated valve, but with a high performance soft seat.


½ – 36 “ (2 OR 3 PIECE)


150-4500 LBS


  • Critical Isolation, Lethal Services
  • Heavy Slurry, Extreme Pressure Catalyst
  • HPAL


The P-Series is designed for critical severe service applications where temperature allows the use of elastomeric products. Remington has taken the knowledge gained from metal seated experience and used that to design a high-performance soft-seated valve.

Our seat material is chosen based on strength and service conditions provided by the customer. Under high-pressure applications the valve seat is restricted from deforming by a containment area, giving it strength and rigidity. All other aspects of design incorporate our proven metal seated technology allowing bubble-tight shutoff under upset and extreme conditions.

Remington Product Applications


R-Series and J-Series handle applications in Corrosive, Abrasive, Slurry, Extreme Pressure, Catalyst, Chemical and Petrochemical applications. 

Metals & Minerals Mining

M-Series and J-Series handle applications in Mining, Slurry Transport, Autoclave (HPAL) and Heavy Slurry.

Power Generation

 S-Series, R-Series and E-Series handle applications in power generation. In-line repairable, automated relief valve systems, solids, ash-handling block and isolation valves.  


R-Series, J-Series and C-Series handle specific applications from isolation to welded end valves, catalyst handling, J-Series for high alloy customized valves and C-Series for double block and bleed designs.

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